200gsm Set Weave Twill Carbon Fibre

200gsm Set Weave Twill Carbon Fibre


Carbon Fibre Set Weave is a specially designed carbon fibre cloth that will not distort the fibre orientation of the carbon fibre tows. Twill weave carbon fibre provides an impressive finish but can be difficult to hold form when pressing into shaped molds. Weave Set carbon will not pull apart and will maintain its uniform appearance, making it ideal for clear carbon fibre finishes.

Not suitable for compound curves.

Classic Carbon Look with Incredible Strength

This 2×2 twill weave is our most popular carbon fibre fabric. This Toray T300 tow (3000 filiments per fibre) fabric provides outstanding structural strength with a signature appearance that is highly desirable for modern composite parts in the aerospace, auto, marine, and sporting goods industries.

When compared to plain weave counterparts, the twill weave offers greater conformability, presents a beautiful herringbone texture, and delivers a slight edge in strength.


  • Beautiful twill pattern
  • High quality aerospace fibres used for unmatched reliability
  • Unmatched strength to weight ratio
  • High Modulus for superior rigidity
  • Fatigue resistance for durable strength


Thickness: 0.20 mm

Width: 1000 mm

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