Whether you’re a fabricator in need of a small amount of material or a beginner, our Carbon Fibre Kit provides you with all the necessary materials for making  small carbon fibre products.

Carbon Fibre Kit uses top quality twill 3k carbon fibre fabric. Epoxy resin system has been specially formulated for use in carbon fibre lamination having excellent characteristics.

Because this kit uses only top quality materials it is as equally suited for novice experimentation as it is for small scale professional use.

Use this kit for:
  • Experimenting with making carbon fibre products
  • Reinforcing an existing product
  • Repairing a carbon fibre product such as a fishing rod, bike frame, yacht mast/boom, auto body part
Kit Contents
  • 0.3sqm  200gsm twill carbon fibre fabric (3k)
  • 375g laminating epoxy resin
  • 125g epoxy hardener
  • 40ml PVA mould release agent
  • gloves, mixing cup, mixing stick

When unrolled the twill carbon fibre fabric is 1000mm long and 300mm wide.

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