Carbon Fibre Fins

Enter The Future Of Lightweight Diving With Carbon Fibre Fins

Carbon fibre fins are not exactly new but until now they’ve mostly been limited to freediving fin styles. But in November 2017 at DEMA Submatix US was showing off one of the first ‘normal’ SCUBA diving fins made from carbon fibre we’ve seen to date.

The idea of using carbon fibre to build dive fins might seem gimmicky at first, but there’s some a great reason that most carbon fibre fins have been developed for freediving. Carbon fiber is legendary for its strength and power return so it was only a matter of time until we saw this futuristic material applied to dive fins for general SCUBA diving.


Not only are these fins incredibly light, they are great at transferring power from your leg kick to the water. Each Submatix fin weighs in at nearly half the weight of typical fins tipping the scales at just over 450 grams each, and a reasonable 24 inches or 60 centimeters long.

Of course carbon fibre isn’t cheap so you’re looking at a price of around $399 per pair for the privilege. While the price may be hefty, when you hold them in your hands you realize how much weight you can shave from your dive bag with a pair of these carbon fibre dive fins, and the reduced weight underwater doesn’t hurt either. (Submatix)

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