Pink Gin VI, World’s Largest Carbon Fibre Sloop

Baltic Yachts’ all-carbon composite, 160-ton single-mast yacht the Pink Gin VI is one pace to debut in the water by May 12.

The yacht’s hull was laminated with epoxy carbon prepreg for its inner skin and E-glass and aramid for its outer skin. A layer of Kevlar woven fibers was used in the forefoot of the hull laminate for added impact resistance. The deck was also laminated in epoxy carbon prepreg with a core-cell foam as sandwich material.

The interior of the boat features structural bulkheads made of Nomex/Core-Cell core CRP sandwich construction. It also features a 67.9m carbon fibre mast. By using composites, the boat’s overall displacement is only 235 tons, Baltic Yachts says is low for a yacht of this size.

The Pink Gin VI is the world’s largest all-carbon-fibre sloop, so transporting it to its destination at Jakobstad, Finland was a challenge. Instead of traveling by sea, the sloop had to be driven 13 miles on land. The yacht traveled at an average speed of about 6 mph during the journey during which roundabouts, a railroad crossing and other obstacles had to be negotiated. Baltic Yachts was given permission to widen roads in places and temporarily remove traffic signs so that the unusual load could travel safely to Jakobstad. The carbon fibre mast and the keel will be delivered separately, and will ultimately arrive at its new owner by the middle of summer.

In addition to the Pink Gin VI, Baltic Yachts is also planning on beginning construction of three other carbon fibre yachts this year, each of which has already sold out.

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