Carbon Fibre and DIY Kits for Your Repair Needs.

Buy Carbon Fibre Kits. Learn how to work with carbon fibre and make your own custom carbon fibre parts.


Here at Beyond Materials we have put together Carbon Fibre and DIY kits that you can use to make your first carbon fibre parts.

These carbon fibre kits include all of the basic materials you will need to make a small carbon fibre part, make a repair or laminate an existing object. The best part is that our carbon fibre kits are small and affordable and include everything you need to get started.

These carbon fibre kits have been used to repair or reinforce kiteboards, landboards, carbon fibre lips, carbon fibre hoods, interior pieces, vehicles and more.

For general yachting, we offer a fibreglass repair kit that will help you repair or at least temporary mend a crack or a hole in a punctured hull – and without being any kind of composite expert or having to carry or buy large quantities. Beyond Materials makes composite repairs simple and straightforward.


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